Hi, thanks for visiting Black Dahlia Press. I'm Jas, the founder. 

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One of my many roles is content creator, designer, brand photographer, and brand strategist. I basically do a lot of things!

Black Dahlia Press came into fruition in April 2016. My love for true crime movies, design, photography and beautiful things led me to start this company. I am so grateful for all of my clients who want to work with me. I love designing timeless brands and building beautiful websites.

I believe to stand out, you need a brand that authentically represents YOU!  It's the reason why I work with a lot of startups or 6-figure earners, so I can help them leave the right digital footprint for their ideal client and audience, while creating a bulletproof strategy. 

When I am not designing, or working on my latest project, you can find me hanging out in my free branding group, Baby Got Brand. It's a community where I teach everything from visual to business branding. 

I am passionate, understanding, and always open to feedback and suggestions. It's why Black Dahlia Press has been a success thus far. Building a business is hard enough -- so, I am here to help my clients with their branding and design needs, so they can stand out and fulfill the potential they have!

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?!


Let's work together and let me build your brand. 

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