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#1 Question I'm asked...

"Jas, why do I need to make sure my brand is cohesive?" and then these follow...

"What do I need to fix? What is this lady talking about? I don't have time for this? 

Think of Nike, Chanel, Burberry, Kate Spade, Gary Vaynerchuk, Gabi Bernstein, Oprah, Target, Tacori etc.

Yes, they're people and some are companies. What do they have in common? They are brands.

But, what exactly do they have in common?

They have a cohesive style - where they use the same fonts, colours, logo, on their promo materials. Their message is CONSISTENT. They are authentic and when you think of these names, they are powerhouses.  Don't you want to have an impact like that on your potential clients? Well, then keep reading... 

Why do I need a high end logo? A professionally designed website? A branded company? Why can't I just do it myself?

If you're in the digital space pushing a digital product, coaching services, FB ad services, it is your responsibility to have an aesthetically pleasing Brand. If you don't - you are leaving your pretty coins on the table.  Don't you care what people think of you? When someone is looking for you or may possibly need a service you're great at and you have this in-cohesive website + branding, most likely they're going to your competition because you have 60 seconds to make a lasting impression and you just made a bad one.

Ready to invest in yourself? I'm super excited for you.... 


  • Brand + Colour suggestions for your brand idenity

  • A guide that will help you make font choices suited for your aesthetic

  • Suggestions on how to fix your logo, if needed 

  • Ideas for custom headshots suited for your company

  • Suggestions for a professional copywriter for website copy, if needed

  • Resources for custom stock images suited for your brand

  • Visibility tips for social media and how to use graphics to increase engagement

  • Providing tips on how to make all social media templates consistent with brand

  • A professional website audit, with examples on how to improve traffic and make website design flow

  • Suggestions for email scheduling services

  • How to write more cohesive content and provide resources

  • Template for terms + conditions, privacy policy, user agreement

  • Suggestions for a consistent brand message, or mission statement

  • PDF FORMAT report, detailed and suited for your brand (7-10+ pages)


What my clients are saying...

Jas is THE Queen of branding. I hired her after working with a website designer and hating the way my website looked. Jas had one conversation with me, one look at my website and immediatetly knew what to do. It was as if she could read my mind she was so in tune with what I wanted.
— Michelle Palacios
Jas was great. It did not take long and she sent me an amazing audit that I will be able to use to build my brand. I can’t wait to tackle all of the things she suggested. Thank you so much!!
— Charis Dillon

PS: If you would like to hire me for any Branding Services, the Audit fee can be used towards any package!

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Your investment for a detailed Brand audit is only $57! (Regular Price of $197)

I will give you a detailed report on ways to improve, where you can go to fix what is hindering your brand and offer tips for your social media aesthetic.  

More Praise...

Jas is AMAZING! She created the logo and several other elements of my course, Pin To Profits. She took my personality, my vision and my love for all things bright and pretty and made a look that is so me and my brand. She is THE branding expert to work with. Working with her has been amazing and she will be handling more of my branding materials from this point forward.
Thank you again for all that you do!
— Lakshmia Marie