So impressed with the work of Jas and how she took care of me and my brand with the right logo. The best way to kick off the new year! — Amy Schmittauer of


Lydia Watson

"This is my second time working with Jas. I tried to DIY my branding on a new project. BAD IDEA! Thank goodness Jas was available to take me on as a client. She totally transformed my business with a crisp modern logo, mood board and brand photography. She is the total package! I am so glad I stopped trying to DIY my business and trusted a professional. I am reaping the instant benefits of attracting my ideal clients and a fast growing social media presence."

I had such a wonderful experience working with Jas.

I told her what I had in mind for my logo and she came up with several beautiful designs for me to choose from. If you are looking for a branding specialist you won't go wrong with Black Dahlia Press. I will definitely be working with her again.  Daya Johnson

Andrea Lynn Aymer|

I was needing to get a logo done for my business rebrand, and had a time crunch. Enter Jas. She was super quick to get edits out to me, was open to all my ideas and helped me out when I was unsure about placement, colours, etc... I can't get over how speedy she was -- I had my final logo done within a few days! Jas is a perfectionist and she will commit to working with you on the design until it is perfect!

Jas is so good at what she does! She went above and beyond for me while creating my logo and fixing up my website. She is patient and such a pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much! Tonya Vanderhart of


Karina De La Cruz |

Before working with Jas I was frustrated about not being able to make changes to my existing website. I had grown in my business + life and I felt that I couldn't update my site or brand to match my new state of being.

Writing a blog and adding a photo was all I could do on my site. I felt like my developer had my site hostage. I came to Jas for branding and ended up with a beautiful brand + new website. I LOVE IT!

Most importantly, I feel in total control of it. She made it easy for me to make changes to any page if I desired to. She is awesome!

It was a pleasure working with Jas. While I have not met her in person, through our Messenger and email chats, she was able to assess my needs and created exacted what I wanted. I was in one of those "I'll know it when I see it modes" in regards to my logo. She hit a bullseye! Sheri Berke of


Stephanie Quinn |

Jas is an amazing designer! I have received nothing but rave reviews of my website, logo and branding. She was able to see what I needed (even when I thought I knew better than she did, which I didn't :-)) and she produced an amazing site that I couldn't be happier with. I'm so happy with everything she did and I will definitely go back to Jas and Black Dahlia Press!


Kelly Campino |

Jas did an amazing job on my website, and she played an integral role in the launch of my coaching business. Her creativity is her biggest asset!! Her designs are absolutely unique and she has a knack for bringing to life what I wanted even when I couldn't express it clearly. She delivered beyond expectations, even helping me sort a technical issue with my new email account. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.