Think of your "BRAND" as your house

So I have been getting this burning question a lot lately, "Jas, how much do you charge for a logo?" 

And my response is always met with, "Well, that's steep!". Yes, it is because my Branding Package is only $300 more and I want my clients to understand by choosing that option, they're getting the full service AND they are getting exactly what will secure their brand identity 5 years from now. It's priced that way on purpose. 

Your brand is more than your logo. Think of your "BRAND" as your house. Your house is full of furniture, personal effects, decor, tiny quirks, nooks and cranny's that make it YOUR house. You know it inside and out. You can walk to the bathroom in complete darkness if you have to. 

So for your brand, you need all those special things too. Sure, your logo is the outward appearance of your house, but what's inside is what makes it different than any other house down the street. 

The inside of your brand is like those unique Damask chairs you have, the gorgeous Oak Table my dad got custom made 20 years ago: it should have it's own sense of style and aesthetic. It should reflect your personality, your values, your mission. 

Your brand is more than your logo, it's more than the colours you use. It's more than the font palette you choose. It's more than your website. IT IS THE ENTIRETY OF YOU and how you put yourself out in the offline and online space. It's how people see you. 

Picture yourself driving past an immaculate home that is freshly painted, has a manicured lawn, and there is a nice car parked in the driveway. What do you feel? That's how people should feel when they look at YOU.

So my advice is, when you are investing in your Brand, choose wisely. Don't just pick pieces to work on while you figure out the rest. Do it properly so you are unique, authentic and completely happy with your vision.

AND ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, get full branding, make sure you know your font names, make sure you have your hex codes. Make sure you have the original file.




Facebook etiquette and the terrible culture of spam

I have just about had it up to my ears about being SPAMMED via facebook messenger and now there is this trend where people leave an invite to join their group or like their page on your PERSONAL WALL. It's my space -- I do not appreciate having crap posted on it. 

I can still tolerate private messaging to an extent, but posting your garbage on my wall without a hello? without commenting on my statuses, without getting to know what I do? without building rapport with me? NO. YOU DON'T GET TO DO THAT.

If this is happening to you, speak up and stop this terrible culture of spam

First of all, my question is - WHO THE FUCK IS TEACHING THESE CRINGE WORTHY TACTICS? And here are some tips on how to use proper facebook etiquette and connect with people the RIGHT way:

Things you SHOULDN'T be doing on facebook:

1) Posting on someone's personal timeline with a link to your group, your page, or promoting any type of content they haven't asked you to share. This is considered (by 99%) people rude, spammy and disrespectful. If you have only one agenda to be on facebook: to gather likes or members in your group, let me break it to you: YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG! Also, just because their wall is open, it isn't an open invitation to promote yourself.

Do this instead:

Say hi instead. Need a script? Copy and paste this if you must! "Hi, thanks for adding me. I'd love to know more about you! I'm from _______! Have a great day! Isn't that more approachable than dropping a link and risk looking like a complete, inconsiderate asshole?

2) Spamming their inbox with your group link, your facebook link, your latest MLM offer within 5 seconds of being friends on facebook. This is also considered spammy, rude and suggests you don't care for genuine engagement and are looking to make a quick buck. 

Do this instead:

Engage with them on their profile first (NOT by spamming their wall), but commenting on facebook statuses, liking or reacting to posts. This is considered PROPER engagement and likely they'll check out your page on their own and find a link to your business page, or group and (I've done this) inquire about your services!

3) Adding people into your group without their permission: NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE! Just don't do it. It's again rude and spammy. Shows you don't care about building actual relationships or rapport. All you care about is yourself. You're engaging the wrong way and this is a fail safe way to get blocked and deleted. 

Do this instead:

Engage with them on their profile. Find out what they like and don't like. Figure out what they do, ask them questions about their business. People like to feel special and once you take the time to build some sort of connection with them, and then you privately invite them to your group - they most likely will join in. 

The main takeaway from this post should be: ENGAGEMENT. If you missed that point, take a step back and ask yourself "Am I making quality connections?", "How many people actually joined my group or liked my page?" "Have I made any sales?" and the questions go on....

And just for fun....

Let me attach some screenshots of the type of morons I have to deal with. If you're doing this, STOP IT IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE I WILL TAG YOU and encourage everyone I know to do the same. 

I seem to attract the crazy, unhinged people who have too much time on their hands to respond back with so much colour and creativity! These gave me a good chuckle, and at best some entertainment at their delusions...





Why automated DMs are killing your engagement + credibility!

People who have automated DMs have a special place in Entrepreneur Hell waiting for them. 

Yes, I said it. 

If there is one thing that irks me more than pitching on facebook messenger - it's automated messages on twitter, instagram, linkedin etc. I am sent at least 50 a day via twitter and on instagram maybe 2-3 times every couple of weeks. It's more rampant on twitter because people think they are being clever and think they are engaging their follower. Nope. You are most likely pissing them off and you're most likely going to get unfollowed. (I do it, soooo fast!)

Where is your integrity? How can you expect people to join your group? Download your freebie, like your page, connect with you if you aren't giving them transparency by showing them WHY they should choose you and how you are a valuable asset to keep close, by first engaging with them on your timeline. They don't know who you are and most likely don't give a fuck about what you have to offer, even if it's the greatest e-book on the planet.

It literally takes a second to send a tweet to someone who follows you. Or anyone you follow. back! It leaves a lasting impression and makes your "potential client", feel important. When someone new follows me, or tweets me, I make it a point to engage. I never used to care for twitter, but in 2 months I have grown my following from 200 followers to 700+ by engaging, being transparent, posting quality content, posting personal content, showcasing my work, showing interest in the people following me - who are humans at least (minus the spam bots). 

One of my favourite examples of engagement is Gary Vaynerchuk. He tweets his followers, he answers questions. He makes himself so approachable that his twitter is always buzzing. And he HATES automated DMs too. He actually tells you not to use them. 

Finally to the point of WHY automated DMs are killing your engagement + credibility? Two words: IT'S SPAMMY.

Let that sink in.

Think of those telemarketers who don't quit cold calling you, and you yell at them to take you off your list. Same concept. You're one of those annoying telemarketers who are forcing your survey or pushing your product on to someone who made the choice of following you.

Stop doing it. 

Also, if you absolutely insist on automating, at least grace your followers with a follow up. To show them you are a real human - who actually CARES that someone is interested enough to click the follow button. Plus, you may just win a new client. 



Just because you made your own [insert] doesn't make you a professional [insert title]

So this has been weighing on my mind quite heavily. 

I have been writing or rather posting a lot about bad design, bad branding (hell terrible fucking branding), bad product photography, bad logo design. Basically, a lot of bad things in this crazy aesthetically driven online world.

I feel like websites like Canva, PicMonkey, FontSwag, Desynger etc, have destroyed designing for the professionals who are good at their jobs. Not only is there less business - such websites ENABLE bad designs, and enable people who suck at vision, creativity to litter the internet with their horrific branding.

I see so many "fake" designers out there who don't know the basics of logo design, website development, or know that they can't use clipart in their logos because they can get bloody sued. And just because you designed your own poorly slapped together website, it does not make you a designer. You have no right to promote bad design. And I feel bad for the people who pay for it.

I am dropping a lot of F-bombs because I am enraged. I have been accused of being a classist, privileged, stuck-up, and told I shouldn't knock the DIY crowd because I own a stock library. YES LADY IT'S POSSIBLE TO DESTROY A BEAUTIFUL STOCK IMAGE WITH TERRIBLE FONT CHOICES AND PUTTING BORDERS ON IT. And the worst of all, my character has been assassinated because I dare voice how I feel. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  

BUT, if your brand sucks - IT FUCKING SUCKS.

Yeah, I said it. I don't care if you're in the digital space pushing a digital product, coaching services, FB ad services. If you are in the digital space it is your responsibility to have an aesthetically pleasing Brand. If you don't - you are leaving your pretty coins on the table. 

Yes, Warren Buffet's website sucks. It's basic and vomit inducing, but a lot better than the DIY shit I have seen. But he's a billionaire and he was making money while you were probably in diapers. He comes from an age where traditional advertising was rampant. And, let's face it - you are not Mr. Buffet, and you can't get away with a horrible website. YOU ARE YOU. Don't you care what people think of you? When someone is looking for you or may possibly need a service you're great at and you have this terrible website/logo/branding, most likely they're going to your competition because you have 60 seconds to make a lasting impression and you just made a bad one.

If you don't care about your brand, or feel you don't need a website, or a good logo, or cohesive branding to make sales - well, I care. And a few others who have my unpopular opinion do too.

Grow up. Invest in yourself. If you're wasting money shopping for things you don't need. If you are able to spend cash on a vacation, that Starbucks coffee, a new purse, a new pair of jeans - make room for your business. Hire a professional to make your brand come to life. Nothing worth having comes easy, or is affordable. (P.S.: A lot of designers offer payment plans, and you can go on, 99designs, to get started....)