Why automated DMs are killing your engagement + credibility!

People who have automated DMs have a special place in Entrepreneur Hell waiting for them. 

Yes, I said it. 

If there is one thing that irks me more than pitching on facebook messenger - it's automated messages on twitter, instagram, linkedin etc. I am sent at least 50 a day via twitter and on instagram maybe 2-3 times every couple of weeks. It's more rampant on twitter because people think they are being clever and think they are engaging their follower. Nope. You are most likely pissing them off and you're most likely going to get unfollowed. (I do it, soooo fast!)

Where is your integrity? How can you expect people to join your group? Download your freebie, like your page, connect with you if you aren't giving them transparency by showing them WHY they should choose you and how you are a valuable asset to keep close, by first engaging with them on your timeline. They don't know who you are and most likely don't give a fuck about what you have to offer, even if it's the greatest e-book on the planet.

It literally takes a second to send a tweet to someone who follows you. Or anyone you follow. back! It leaves a lasting impression and makes your "potential client", feel important. When someone new follows me, or tweets me, I make it a point to engage. I never used to care for twitter, but in 2 months I have grown my following from 200 followers to 700+ by engaging, being transparent, posting quality content, posting personal content, showcasing my work, showing interest in the people following me - who are humans at least (minus the spam bots). 

One of my favourite examples of engagement is Gary Vaynerchuk. He tweets his followers, he answers questions. He makes himself so approachable that his twitter is always buzzing. And he HATES automated DMs too. He actually tells you not to use them. 

Finally to the point of WHY automated DMs are killing your engagement + credibility? Two words: IT'S SPAMMY.

Let that sink in.

Think of those telemarketers who don't quit cold calling you, and you yell at them to take you off your list. Same concept. You're one of those annoying telemarketers who are forcing your survey or pushing your product on to someone who made the choice of following you.

Stop doing it. 

Also, if you absolutely insist on automating, at least grace your followers with a follow up. To show them you are a real human - who actually CARES that someone is interested enough to click the follow button. Plus, you may just win a new client.