Just because you made your own [insert] doesn't make you a professional [insert title]

So this has been weighing on my mind quite heavily. 

I have been writing or rather posting a lot about bad design, bad branding (hell terrible fucking branding), bad product photography, bad logo design. Basically, a lot of bad things in this crazy aesthetically driven online world.

I feel like websites like Canva, PicMonkey, FontSwag, Desynger etc, have destroyed designing for the professionals who are good at their jobs. Not only is there less business - such websites ENABLE bad designs, and enable people who suck at vision, creativity to litter the internet with their horrific branding.

I see so many "fake" designers out there who don't know the basics of logo design, website development, or know that they can't use clipart in their logos because they can get bloody sued. And just because you designed your own poorly slapped together website, it does not make you a designer. You have no right to promote bad design. And I feel bad for the people who pay for it.

I am dropping a lot of F-bombs because I am enraged. I have been accused of being a classist, privileged, stuck-up, and told I shouldn't knock the DIY crowd because I own a stock library. YES LADY IT'S POSSIBLE TO DESTROY A BEAUTIFUL STOCK IMAGE WITH TERRIBLE FONT CHOICES AND PUTTING BORDERS ON IT. And the worst of all, my character has been assassinated because I dare voice how I feel. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  

BUT, if your brand sucks - IT FUCKING SUCKS.

Yeah, I said it. I don't care if you're in the digital space pushing a digital product, coaching services, FB ad services. If you are in the digital space it is your responsibility to have an aesthetically pleasing Brand. If you don't - you are leaving your pretty coins on the table. 

Yes, Warren Buffet's website sucks. It's basic and vomit inducing, but a lot better than the DIY shit I have seen. But he's a billionaire and he was making money while you were probably in diapers. He comes from an age where traditional advertising was rampant. And, let's face it - you are not Mr. Buffet, and you can't get away with a horrible website. YOU ARE YOU. Don't you care what people think of you? When someone is looking for you or may possibly need a service you're great at and you have this terrible website/logo/branding, most likely they're going to your competition because you have 60 seconds to make a lasting impression and you just made a bad one.

If you don't care about your brand, or feel you don't need a website, or a good logo, or cohesive branding to make sales - well, I care. And a few others who have my unpopular opinion do too.

Grow up. Invest in yourself. If you're wasting money shopping for things you don't need. If you are able to spend cash on a vacation, that Starbucks coffee, a new purse, a new pair of jeans - make room for your business. Hire a professional to make your brand come to life. Nothing worth having comes easy, or is affordable. (P.S.: A lot of designers offer payment plans, and you can go on fiver.com, 99designs, etsy.com to get started....)